Woe is Me

We hadn’t anticipated being away for so long, and upon our return, we discovered some agricultural casualties.

Our poor kaffir lime tree that Pepsi’s maternal grandma gave us:

And, our poor bird’s eye chili tree that my sister gave me:

Tree, our calamansi tree, was holding on for dear life:

Our plants are usually pretty neglected but the globes had kept them alive until now.  There’s only so much water the globes can hold though.   The chili tree is an obvious lost cause but I’ve been trying to resuscitate the kaffir lime tree.  So far, no luck.  :(

On the other hand, Aloe, our aloe plant fared very well in her too-small house:

We also came home to discover some major damage to our ceilings and walls.  We were told that our upstairs neighbor’s bathtub overflowed.  I’m not even sure how that could happen to this degree.  I mean how long do you have to be away from the tub to notice that your apartment and the one below is probably flooded.  Hmmm…

It now looks like the set of a horror movie.

The ceiling of the hallway:

Bedroom wall:

Living room wall:

We’ve been told that maintenance will be in to assess the damage and make all the repairs so that should be fun.  That was three weeks ago…

One comment on “Woe is Me

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