Honey, I’m Home!

Although it was a very harrowing drive, the family had a great time on our adventure back.  We had a small window within which to escape the impending snowstorm and we made it!

Husfriend decided to bring his car back home, which we’ve had stored in the barn since we drove out to the Midwest last fall.  Pepsi’s grandparents are always so nice to us and this time, they gave us a car.  So, we had our little caravan with Husfriend in his car and me and Pepsi in our brand-new-to-us car.  We stayed close for the most part, stopping at rest stops for Pepsi potty breaks and meals along the way.  We traveled through Chicagoland, Illinois > Omaha, Nebraska > Littleton, Colorado > Grand Junction, Colorado > Las Vegas, Nevada > Los Angeles, California in 4 nights and 5 days.

Green River, Illinois:

While Husfriend got some work done in our hotel in Omaha, I went and picked up some takeout from Laos Thai Market.  I ordered from their Lao menu and got raw beef salad, tom yum soup and papaya salad.  It was really tasty and the flavors reminded me of home.

Following Husfriend in Alda, Nebraska:

Denver Deer at Lookout Mountain:

We then headed out to our next overnight stop in Littleton, Colorado.  Husfriend squeezed in some more work and Pepsi squeezed in some relaxation at Spa Hotel Sink.

The next morning, we stopped for really good Thai food in nearby Lakewood, Colorado from Thai Diamond Cafe.  We pretty much get the best Thai food there is outside of Thailand right here in Los Angeles, so encountering such good Thai food in Colorado was a nice surprise.  Husfriend had the Pad Kee Mao and I had the Khow Soy, which traditionally is noodles topped with curry sauce, mustard greens and sliced onions.   Here, they added fried wonton skins, which added a nice crunch.

The food at Thai Diamond Cafe was so good that we ordered some Khow Soy for dinner and sweet sticky rice with custard for dessert for our next overnight stop in Grand Junction, Colorado.

We got to Las Vegas the next evening and headed straight for Mr. Tofu.  He has the absolute best tofu stew I’ve ever had.  It’s warm, spicy, savory, and just perfect.  I haven’t even had such good stew here in Koreatown.

The next morning, we set out for some dim sum but encountered a problem we almost never have – we were too early.  So, we settled for some Vietnamese food at always-open Pho Kim Long instead.  We started with an avocado shake, followed by their grilled pork rice plate and beef stew.  All were tasty, especially the shake.

After a quick nap, home, sweet home was a short 4-hour drive from Las Vegas.

*It may seem like an overload of Asian food but we had just come from an Asian food drought in the Midwest.  :)